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  • Digital Expansion Modules
  • The expandable Easy relays, type 700, 800 and MFD may be locally expanded using the i/o modules listed here. Only one module may be connected to any one CPU and is attached directly to the side of the relay.Where the MFD-CP8 is door mounted, it is recommended that only the EASY2xx- modules be fitted using the MFD-TS-144 DIN rail adapter
  • Note
  • To enable remote connection from the CPU a remote expansion interface will be required, see stock no 400-2224
  • Eaton Easy 500, 700 and 800
  • Eaton Easy 200, 400, 500, 700 and 800
  • Two or four inputs on dc and 24Vac powered versions can be configured as 10 bit, 0-10V analogue
  • Two 1kHz counter inputs on dc powered versions of the 500 and 700, (four 3/5kHz inputs on the 800)
  • Available as lower cost versions without display or panel keys (part numbers ending in X), for applications where no user interaction is required, and where the unit will be programmed using software which is available separately
  • Units with displays and panel keys can be programmed directly, or by using the software noted above, they can also display user configured messages (16 on the 500 and 700, and 32 on the 800) which include variable data fields
  • 16 multi-function timers, 16 up/down counters, (32 of each on the 800) and four retentive process run hour counters
  • Can be combined with MFD-Titan displays/controllers
  • Dimensions: H 90mm x W 71.5mm x D 58mm (easy500); H 90mm x W 71.5mm x D 58mm (easy 700//800)
  • The easy family of logic controllers is available with a choice features and options making it suitable for a wide variety of applications including small to medium sized machine automation, HVAC, lighting and access control within buildings. The easy500 and 700 are enhanced versions of the easy 400 and 600. They offer many new features while retaining full backward compatibility and are available with 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 24Vac and 100-240Vac power supply/input voltage options for maximum user flexibility
  • Digital I/O expansion and AS-i or Profibus DP network modules are available for easy600, 700, 800 and MFD-Titan controllers. However, as there is only one connector at the right hand end of the controller, only one of these options may be implemented. This limitation does not extend to the easy-NET facility on the easy800 which is a completely separate feature, with it's own dedicated RJ45 connectors on the top of the controller. In other words, easy800 controllers can have their I/O expanded whilst also being networked with up to eight other easy800 or MFD-Titan controllers via the built in easy-NET facility
  • Note
  • (Figures in brackets in Onboard I/O and Outputs columns are for Transistor output types)

Product TypeLogic Controllers

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